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Fabiana Justus, a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger and vlogger in Brazil, had a busy month in December. Just before her glamorous baby shower with her family in Sao Paulo, she made an appearance at the KOHLER Experience Center (KEC) opening night.

The 31-year old who has studied in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology fell in love with the KEC Sao Paulo and promised to return.

The famous Instagram influencer and blogger Fabiana – she has more than 850,000 followers – didn’t stay away from the exclusive showroom very long. Her interest in interior design, renovation and refurbishment and her curiosity got the better of her and she came recently back to the KEC Sao Paulo to discover the latest products and services.

As a businesswoman who has set up a number of Pop Up Stores before she started her online career, she has a keen eye on the displays and layouts. She marveled at the way the products are shown and it was obvious that she just loved the fact that all of them could be touched and tested.

Browsing through the showroom going from sinks to faucets to showers and toilets, Fabiana had quite a blast to test the functionalities of these products. She was fascinated by the music from Moxie and the heated toilet and bidet seats as well as the multipurpose kitchen sinks.

The Sensate touchless semiprofessional kitchen faucet was the star of the afternoon. With a few swift waves of hands, the water comes on or is switched of. Fabiana could already imagine how much the faucet that recently won a Best of Innovation accolade at CES is going to facilitate her life when the baby is here.

Although Fabiana Justus isn’t an architect or designer per se, she has plans to refurbish her home and is looking for the best bathroom and kitchen products. At the KEC Sao Paulo, some of these best products that are available globally are on display.

Walking around the brand-new showroom is for design enthusiasts equally exciting as for kids walking into a candy store. It sure looked like Fabiana Justus had a lot of fun and that she would return soon for more discoveries.

Source: photos are courtesy of Fabiana Justus youtube.

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