The fascination of water in interiors

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The installation AQUA in honor of Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th anniversary of his death was just one of many installations that played on the fascination of water during Fuorisalone 2019.

Don’t miss AQUA. Leonardo da Vinci’s Water Vision • Milan by Balich Worldwide Shows. You can visit it every day until Sunday 14th April from 10 am to 10 pm in Conca del Naviglio, via San Marco – Milan. #SaloneDelMobile #Milano #SaloneDelMobile2019 #iSaloni #AQUALeonardo

Posted by Salone del Mobile.Milano on Friday, 12 April 2019

From reflecting pools, completely transparent surfaces to water droplets, the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone honored water in any shape and form in interior design and architecture.

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Ceramics, porcelain and surface builder Iris Ceramica invited visitors for an immersive experience to walk through a darkened room resembling a case on sort of a runway with shallow pools of water on either side. The ceramic slabs pointing from the ceiling like stalactites were dripping with water.

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The fascination of water drops hitting a quiet surface circling out into the darkness kept people mesmerized and hushed. They proceeded slowly to the other end savoring the harmonious music and the mysterious atmosphere the water drops created.

At Ventura Centrale, Weltenvree used their vault space to explore the relationship and fascination of water connected to their furniture exhibition. The concept of a pool party combined water and wood and left the beholder with a warm feeling.

Some of the exhibitors at Salone del Mobile trade fair also picked up on the water theme in their displays. What might have seemed like wasting expensive space or square meters with shallow, glistening pools soon showed their value with delegates gathering around the body of water marveling at the mirrored images of the well-placed products reflected in the quiet wet.

With a big focus on sustainability, the natural environment, and designing one’s life, water cannot be missing from interior designs. Bringing the outside in and using the glass clear surface of the water as an additional design element adds space to the room and brings calming feelings to its inhabitants.

Read more about the Salone del Mobile and our installation at the Palazzo del Senato here.

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