FEATHR and Artist Lee Herring create color explosions

Feathr and Lee Herring A 45152-preview_low_3279-4_45152_sc_v2com


UK artist Lee Herring’s work is excitingly powerful and a creative firework of colors and patterns on canvas and walls. Recently Lee teamed up with FEATHR, a Finnish design collective, to create more artful paint explosions.  Feathr and Lee Herring 45147-preview_low_3279-4_45147_sc_v2comFEATHR’s mission is to promote art and diminish decoration. The Finnish team is seeking out bold, contemporary artists to design wallpapers, fabrics, and cushions. In Lee, they found an artist whose attractive graffiti art and his unique use of mixed media resulting in paintings and murals would be shameful if they were only one surface.   Feathr and Lee Herring 45151-preview_low_3279-4_45151_sc_v2comTogether they designed a collection of wallpapers that reflect Lee’s work in physicality, texture, and precision and the possibility to multiply on many walls.   Feathr and Lee Herring 45156-preview_low_3279-4_45156_sc_v2comThe landscapes that Lee originally created almost jump out at the viewer depicting the traits of acrylic paint, the work with knives, trowels, and scrapers as well as spray paint and markers. It’s an impressive and emotional experience.  Feathr and Lee Herring 45146-preview_low_3279-4_45146_sc_v2comThe two oeuvres ‘Glowing Shards’ and ‘Neon Burning’ resemble the original artwork very closely and capture the details of wildflowers and landscapes. The interior brand FEATHR remixed the works skillfully in Cobalt Blue, Soft Nordic Grey, Electric Blue, and Soho Pink respectively.  Feathr and Lee Herring 45160-preview_low_3279-4_45160_sc_v2comThe wallpapers are large surfaces of up to 4,7 meters in height and 3.2 meters in width. The incredible depth of the techniques, geometric cuttings, and textures was painstakingly maintained. They draw the viewer in.  Feathr and Lee Herring 45158-preview_low_3279-4_45158_sc_v2comLee Herring says about his work: ‘…[it] is an evolution of itself. Painting for me is a spontaneous process.’ The artwork on the wall confirms the flick of a hand and the wave of an arm and paintbrush that create authoritative lines and forms what seem very deliberate and yet spontaneous.  The wallpapers beautifully pair with Nordic minimalist designs.   Feathr and Lee Herring 45145-preview_low_3279-4_45145_sc_v2comTom Puukko, one co-founder of FEATHR that is based in Fiskars in Finnland, is always on the lookout for contemporary artists who stand out. Their work may even border at being a bit uncomfortable for the average consumer. His search has so far well paid off as FEATHR received the Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards.  Feathr and Lee Herring 45149-preview_low_3279-4_45149_sc_v2com

Source: photos for FEATHR and Lee Herring are courtesy of v2com.

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