Filling out Hong Kong’s last remaining spaces

Tower in Tower housing


Towers within towers Hong KongBee Breeders International, a leading international architecture competition company, challenged the participants of the first Hong Kong Pixel Homes competition with huge socio-economic problems: housing space and affordability.Tower in tower rooftop Hong KongIn the late 18th century architects began to design vertical planned communities. More than 100 years later, more new towers are planned and spring up all over the globe, however, most of them are not built for affordable living.

Tower in Tower village housing Hong KongEspecially places like Hong Kong where the population is struggling for space, housing prices explode. This new architecture competition challenged the participants to come up with solutions for price-conscious residential buildings within the remaining, small spaces of the island state.Tower in tower island housing Hong KongKwon Von Glinow Design Office headquartered in the US mastered the perennial typological challenge of multi-unit housing with their project “Towers in Towers” and won. They bring the verticality of the city into the apartment space itself. Each prefabricated unit that is in total floor space no larger than conventional small apartments, becomes its own high-rise with three to four floors per unit. The project would help the low and middle class communities out of the housing crises due to the flexibility of the units, the material weight and the modularity.

Tower in tower units Hong KongWhile there was no specific competition location defined, the maximal floor space available – or remaining spaces in Hong Kong – is not more than 100 sqm. A size that is normally problematic for high-level construction. The competitors all had unique ideas how to overcome these hurdles.Tower in tower circulation Hong Kong

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