Flashflood in Vietnam – gifting rice, water and more…



Torrential rains caused three large rivers to rise quickly and flood the central region in Vietnam in mid-October. Quang Binh province was the most seriously affected. Many people lost their homes and livestock. The victims congregated in communal People’s Committee’s headquarters where they share rice, a bottle of water or instant noodles with others who have lost everything. The water inundated thousands of houses and hundreds of hectares of crops was ruined under the floodwater. Yet, the community remains strong and is already helping each other to rebuild.

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Authorities have urged organizations and private donors to supply the most essential: food and water.
On October 28-29, Kohler associates from Hanoi assembled care packages for the flood victims in Lien Trach town in Quang Binh province. Each of the 455 gift packages contained half a kilo of rice, a blanket, a mosquito net, some notebooks, pens, clean water, and instant noodles. The team visited Lien Trach to deliver these care packages to the children and families in need.picture2picture9News reports state that about 25 billion VND in humanitarian help was sent so far.

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