From moisture to water – all in a bottle

We are not talking about a genie in a bottle here, but a self-filling water bottle designed by Fontus, a start-up company based in Austria, that pulls moisture out of the air while you walk, hike or bike.The two chamber solar-powered technology slows the air down to allow the water molecules to be separated from the rest of the air and captured in the bottle through the Peltier effect. The small, compact device is a great helper to stay hydrated during all kinds of outdoor activities. Given the right conditions about half a liter of water can be collected within one hour.
This might not be sufficient for most outdoorsy person, but it is a good start. And if you are in Borneo, you probably have a lot more water in your bottle faster. It is not advisable for urban areas that suffer from air pollution, because the polluted air will be pulled into the bottle and as of today, they don’t have a filter yet, so the water would be a polluted as the air.In addition, to creating an innovative product, the Fontus team has also design an award-winning product that has been recognized internationally.

Source: photos courtesy of Fontus

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