From old kitchen to extraordinary kitchen: Tips

Let’s say your kitchen is brand new, you don’t need to read another word of this post. However, if your kitchen is a few years old, maybe you are keen on upgrading this functional room a bit, accentuate it a little, change it for a fresh look to make it more aesthetic without compromising the work space.

Here are some great tips from Houzz how to go about this:

  1. Color your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls
  2. Change the counter tops
  3. Play around with curtains
  4. De-clutter or find new storage space to hide
  5. Paint your walls
  6. Add shelf space
  7. Clean and recolor the tile grout
  8. Reorganize what you have
  9. Upgrade chopping space with a wheel cart
  10. Accessorize with linens
  11. Create a comfy corner with some furniture to relax

To this great list, we would just add – play with the light. Whether it is with new curtains, bigger windows (if you want to really renovate) or setting the right lighting to create a great atmosphere in the most important room for the family.

Read about all the fun details here: 11 One-Off Ways to Update Your Kitchen


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