Catching first impressions of Fuorisalone 2019

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In perfect spring weather, the Fuorisalone 2019 in Milan, Italy, is off to a great start. Many of the participants were adding the last touches on their installations and exhibits on Monday, April 8, 2019.

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The cool April temperatures in this week’s design capital of the world animated to a brisk walk to discover the latest in contemporary and modern design. At the Duomo, a giant chair peppered with arrows attracted crowds for photo opportunities with an incredible backdrop of the historic monument.

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The Brera district, in the center of the city with some of the oldest buildings still standing (or being renovated), seemed to be waking up to the design hype and the masses to descend on the neighborhood in the next few days. The cobbled stone alleys were still easy to navigate and sounds of hammers and drills were heard everywhere.

Timberland installation

Coming up to the fairly new development around FS Garibaldi, the new Milan shows its best side. The vertical gardens condos are an eye-catcher that let the developers cost Euro 20,000 a year to keep the greenery as green as it is now. The development replaces old World War II ruins and distinguishes itself from the former working-class houses in the Isola district.

During the Fuorisalone 2019, there are many neighborhoods in Milan that transform themselves into attractive showrooms and exhibitions. One of the most awaited is Tortona around the Metro station Porta Genova.

Big brands such a Novartis, Hyundai, and IKEA bring their latest innovations and products to the design-interested public. The narrow lanes of the district give plenty of opportunities to glimpse into windows and peek into hidden courtyards that also sport some installations of one sort or another.

The first day of Fuorisalone 2019 is probably the most relaxed – the only relaxed – day of the Milan Design Week and due to the weather provided an excellent opportunity to explore the city on foot.

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