FutureHAUS 2019 – from the Dubai sand to the New York rain

FutureHAUS 2019 _FutureHAUS-005

If the pre-fabricated, modular FutureHAUS 2019 on Time Square in New York City, USA, somehow looked familiar last month, you were not wrong. One of the winners of the Solar Decathlon in Dubai in 2018 and the only project by a US student-faculty team was a big hit in the hot and dry desert weather conditions in the Middle East where it was put together in just two short weeks.

FutureHAUS 2019

Equally astonishing and attractive was the same model set up in the famous Time Square in New York City during a month-long activation for NYCxDesign. The built-out that was built as the best solar home for the international competition featuring innovative products and technologies demanded the brainpower and expertise of university faculty and students as well as experts in the field.

Our two-year agreement with Virginia Tech for the FutureHAUS forged a collaboration and consulting bond with this interdisciplinary team where everyone was challenged to think holistically to find high-performance solutions for future housing that would work in any kind of extreme climatic conditions.

FutureHAUS 2019

The smart and sustainable FutureHAUS 2019 on Time Square that includes our fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, a DTV showering system, as well as other smart features, benefited also from valuable consulting advice for the 3-D printed adjustable sink with our KOHLER Response® Technology. The small structure drew crowds of people during its presence in the famous location.

The innovative dwelling built on the thought-provoking ideas that developed over the last two years was a great discussion-starter to think and feel differently about the future of residential living. The buzz around and about it did not go unnoticed with the judges of the Interior Design NYCxDesign Awards. They promptly nominated the FutureHAUS 2019 as an honoree in the Architectural Installation/Pop-up category.      

FutureHAUS 2019

The little modular house is off to its next destination where it certainly makes another splash and waves and giving some food for thought about construction in the context of culture, climate, and community.  Stay tuned for more news from this fascinating project.

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