General Douglas MacArthur bathed in style

Philippines MacArthur bathtub


Daguan PhilippinesIn January 2017 an astonishing discovery was made in an old school in dire need of renovation in Dagupan City in the Philippines.MacArthurs bathtubUS Army General and field marshal in the Philippine Army Douglas MacArthur landed in Lingayen Gulf of 9 January 1945 to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese occupation in World War II.MacArthurHe and his allied forces troops traveled from Leyte to Pangasian Province and took residence in Dagupan. The office and quarters MacArthur occupied during his stay serves as a school to this day. Kohler Bannon SinkThe bathroom in the Home Economics building at the West Central School is equipped with a white free-standing bathtub and the kitchen is fitted with an enamel white bathtubWe can certainly imagine that MacArthur appreciated a hot bath after a day of liberating Luzon. He might have relaxed even more knowing that the tub he soaked in was an American product. To be more precise: a 1930 cast iron tub from Kohler.Kohler tagToday the school building needs renovation. And so do the fixtures. The bathtub has been painted over, but it is undeniably and distinctly ours. Long before we had an official collaboration with a product distributor in the Philippines, our products had arrived. That, we think, is pretty amazing.Tub faucet KohlerMany tourists visit the historic house nowadays, although it is no longer safe to access all parts and areas. However, people cannot be deterred from entering the building and visiting the bathroom to take pictures of the bathtub that helped invigorate a tired, exhausted and much admired military mastermind.Kohler Bathtub Philippines MacArthur

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