Global Design Trends: Atelier Interiors on collaboration

Adri and Vincent


Adri van Zyl, founder, and Vincent Cleary, director, of Atelier Interiors South Africa shared their views on global trends with our team in South Africa. Adri and Vincent basically narrowed the trends down to one: collaboration.Atelier Interiors Kohler collaborationThey see it in every field of design: like-minded people come together and create something beautiful and unique. The cross-over between designers, artists and craftsmen is a powerful combination to do things right.
Adri started the firm in 2014 to unleash her creativity and design innovative, socially conscious, beautiful things and spaces based on classic design principles.Atelier Interiors designBoth feel that African designs are showing up more in fashion and interiors, especially patterns, textiles and fabrics from Northwestern Africa. Influences from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Western Sahara find their way into new creations all over the world.
Adri and VincentAdri and Vincent get really excited talking about the composite material Terrazzo, a mix of marble, cement and other stone material. Originally used in flooring, it now comes in the form of furniture, bathroom fixtures and more.
Bathrooms, in Adri’s and Vincent’s opinion, are still too prissy. They would love to see more exciting spaces dotted with boldness and color.Atelier Interiors bold colorsIn terms of personal styles, they feel they clients are more conscious when it comes to sustainability, heat and water conservation and automation.

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