Global Design Trends: “Unexpected” by Aldwin Ong


Aldwin Ong from Wilson Associates in Singapore met with us in Singapore to talk about the latest interior design trends in Asia and around the world.As a principal designer at Wilson Associates, an interior architectural design firm that is taking a holistic approach, he is looking to energize space, to create mash ups. He and the team are searching for contrasts between something old and new, something bold and neutral, something expected and unexpected.In the bathroom the challenge is such that the footprint of the hotels are getting smaller. The ratio of the bathroom space is bigger, however, the rooms are smaller. The design need to be unique and more innovative in order to merge things together. Aldwin and his team strive to make things simpler and embrace new technologies to make bathrooms more interesting in terms of design and functionality.

The Wilson Associates team in Singapore gets inspired by start-up technology websites such as kick-starter or every-day technology. The key to the design finally is how to merge the different elements.


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