Global Design Trends: “Following the sun” by Deborah Bibby


Global Design Trends - Deborah Bibby%2C Australia.mp4_snapshot_01.43_[2016.08.19_10.09.12]

In an exclusive interview Deborah Bibby, former Editor-in-Chief of Real Living Magazine and now editor at the recently launched David Jones Magazine in Australia, talks about current interior design trends in Australia and “how to bring the sun into the space”. The trends are eclecticism, originality, usage of mixed metals, and re-issuance of great classics.

Deborah notices also a greater simplicity in designs, especially in bathroom designs, that are influenced by the Asia Pacific region and from memories people bring back from their travels to Bali and Thailand.

Also see Deborah’s guest blog on our Kohler Design Ideas blog – here.

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