Global Design Trends: Matthew Shang drawing from banks of moments

Matthew Shang

The Club front deskMatthew Shang, principal at HASSELL, has been in the interior design industry for more than 20 years. He was the co-founder of Distillery, a Singaporean design firm that merged with HASSELL in 2015. We met at The Club hotel bar where we were talking about influences and experiences in his approach to design trends. Matthew accumulated a bank of moments and experiences through travels and explorations – personally and for clients. These unique experiences led among many others to projects such as The Club hotel.
Matthew ShangHe feels that AirBnB has influenced the hospitality scene in Singapore and around the world tremendously. Hotel developers and owners strive for authentic guest experiences. HASSELL, Matthew and his partners with expertise in hospitality, urban design, education and science, sports and entertainment, transport, and the workplace, help clients approaching the authenticity and creating distinctive moments.
Hospitality Interiors recently interviewed Matthew.The Club living area

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