Global Design Trends: Nthabi Taukobong – Proudly African

Nthabi Taukobong

Design Joburg Ditau roomsetDuring Design Joburg, our team in South Africa had a chance to sit down with Nthabi Taukobong, founder and Managing Director of Ditau Interiors. She is a renowned South African interior designer who focuses on effortless, luxury lifestyle projects from hotels to spas to football lounges.
Nthabi Taukobong DitauNthabi founded Ditau Interiors in 2005 with the inspiration to integrate African and other tribal arts and elements from around the world with contemporary, modern interior design. She and her team of top interior designers at Ditau accompany clients from concept to completion. Design Joburg Ditau roomsetThe results of these projects is barefoot luxury. A new trend that makes you want to take off your shoes as soon as you enter the space and experience the materials, the coziness, simplicity, and harmony with all your senses.
Design Joburg Ditau roomsetNthabi sees the South African trends in interior design influenced by soothing, relaxing colors. Tribal luxury, the colorful African nation, the multicultural environment outside the home, raises the feeling of having a space where the soul can relax and the calm of the mind can be restored.Green beansOne of these colors that help create this environment is the Pantone Color of the year: Greenery. In Feng Shui theory green represents balance and harmony. This combines beautifully with natural elements in interiors and even sparse uses of black and white. The natural elements can be raw woods, concrete or even fabrics such as linens.
Design Joburg Ditau roomsetThe trend in bathroom designs is to create a holistic space integrating the four basic elements in design: earth, wind, fire, and water. Hence, the bathroom becomes a home spa where batteries can be recharged after a stressful, hectic day outside.Design Joburg Ditau roomsetSouth African interior design take pride in its “Africaness” that doesn’t conform to one style. Influenced by blends of cultures, ethnicities, nature, the earth, a unique trend of effortless living, luxury lifestyle with functional elements and a strong connection to the homeland marks contemporary designs.
Nthabi TaukobongNthabi, proudly African, who loves to create homes with souls collaborated with us at Design Joburg on the roomset “Mancave” – an Afro-zen style like high-tech spa space for the 21st century man.

Join our conversation with Nthabi Taukobong from Ditau Interiors and our KOHLER Africa team on Global Design Trends.

Posted by Kohler Designful on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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