Global Design Trends: “Nature Reconnection” by Luke Yeung


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Luke Yeung from Architectkidd is talking to us about current Design Trends in Thailand. Architectkidd is an architectural and design office in Ekkamai, one of Bangkok’s trendy neighborhoods, that is led by Udomsak Komonvilas, Jariyawadee Lekawatana and Luke Yeung.
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Thailand’s architectural trends are in a pendulum between the past and the future. It is creating an interesting contrast. The architecture in the fast growing cities is progressive, full of new ideas and pushing architectural and structural possibilities to new limits. At the same time, it integrates traditional and crafty elements to reintroduce nature into the city and challenges designers to find new solutions.

The team at Architectkidd sometimes focuses on a single building material e.g. bricks and look at how it is made, processed, how it can be used – indoor and outdoor – to get inspired for a project. To illustrate this point in more detail, one of the completed buildings in 2016 is Now 26  – in this case a steel tube or pipe that sparked inspiration and showcases this approach beautifully.
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