Global Design Trends: Scott Weston’s onion theory of design

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Our Australia team recently had a conversation with Scott Weston of Scott Weston Architecture about global design trends and bathroom designs. His philosophy for bathrooms is to enter a unique world that is specifically designed, well-planned, and well-lit.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends m06s566Scott, a graduate of the University of Technology in Sydney, has started his own practice in 1997 and is well known in the industry for his bold designs that combine historic and contemporary designs. He has won numerous awards in Australia especially for the unconventional use of color.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends m23s215The Medusa Boutique Hotel where the interview took place was one of the projects that got awarded ‘Best use of color’ and was also named one of the ’21 coolest hotels in the world’ by Conde Nast Traveler.   Scott Weston Global Design Trends _1493477_nThe property that was designed by Scott twenty years ago, is located on Darlinghurst Road. The urban neighborhood that is the home of many creative people is in walking distance to the Sydney Opera House that was so artfully lit up during Vivid Sydney and many restaurants, and bars.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends m32s776Scott chatted with the team in the courtyard of the hotel about his onion theory of design. An overall concept that contains many layers. Pealing them way will reveal the process. He doesn’t have a particular style or follows a trend but rather has deep conversations with the clients to create spaces where the invested money is well spent.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends m55s329In collaboration with the client, he finds the right materials and finishes for them without forgetting to add an element of surprise. Currently, he is casting black and white terrazzo throughout one property. We encountered the love for terrazzo during the interview with South African designers of Atelier as well. Scott uses large floor-to-ceiling windows in bathrooms and explores the relationship of the public-private spaces.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends 0m08s053In another project, he explores the transcendence of indoors and outdoors. A four-meter high wall with mosaic tiles depicting flowers and greenery builds the back of a shower while a glass roof gives the illusion that the bather is showering outside in the middle of a garden.  Scott Weston Global Design Trends m31s086Recently Scott Weston has been selected as one of nine designers from New South Wales to participate in the ‘Rigg Design Prize’ competition. This contemporary Australian design competition takes place every three years and this year’s edition is themed ‘Domestic Living’. The winners will be announced in October.

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Source: some photos of Scott Weston’s onion theory of design are courtesy of Medusa Boutique Hotel.

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