Global Design Trends: “Made for us” – Darren Genner

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Darren Genner, design director and co-founder of Minosa Design, talks about current Australian design trends in bathroom designs.

Australia draws a big influence from Italy when it comes to products and materials. Additionally, designers look towards Singapore for inspiration. Streamlining and refining things are unique traits of Australian culture. Translated to bathrooms, this trend results in better, more functional and more aesthetically pleasing spaces. According to Darren this might be seen by the use of tiles, stones such as Carrera or timber to offset it, and copper.

Global Design Trends - Darren Genner%2C Australia.mp4_snapshot_01.55_[2016.08.22_15.32.46]

Darren and his team at Minosa, a specialized interior design company,  recently received the HIA Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Design award of the Year 2016.

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