GOTHIC – the age of the great cathedrals


When a building designer turns historian and model maker, something wonderful is going to happen. Brazilian artists Luciano Xavier dos Santos was inspired by the medieval architecture of France where he used to live before moving to Fribourg, Switzerland.Luciano Xavier dos Santos and his cathedral model
His fascination with Gothic architecture style resulted in an exhibition that will open in December 2017 in Switzerland. Keeping in the tradition, the 17 models of the most emblematic Gothic buildings will be displayed in cathedrals in Fribourg, Berne (Switzerland), Bordeaux and Paris, France.Gothic cathedral exhibition Switzerland
The journey of this type of architecture began with the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis, Paris, that has a long and interesting history. All of Luciano’s models are accompanied by stories that are shared with the spectators, that take the visitors back in time and set the stage around the construction of these monuments, recounting tales of wars, family feuds, tragedies, fires, and other hardships.Gothic cathedral model by Luciano Xavier dos Santos
Through this exhibition, Luciano hopes to convey the true message of Gothic cathedrals: monuments that stand the tide of time and weather the storm of spiritual, political, social, philosophical, even aesthetic, and technical waves.Gothic cathedral model by Luciano Xavier dos Santos

The architectural models are made on the scale of 1/200 with an array of wooden toothpicks, skewers, matches, paper and cardboard, and acrylic paint.

Source: photos are courtesy of Luciano Xavier dos Santos

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