Teamwork at Grain and Green perfected the M House in Jakarta

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018 Picture5A

The winner of the KOHLER Bold Design Awards 2018 Villa Living interior design category Grain and Green stopped by for a short interview after the awards ceremony. Rahmadi Djatmiko, a project architect of the winning project M house in South Jakarta, shared his thoughts and insights with us.

South Jakarta is one of the five administrative cities that form the Special Captial Region of Jakarta, Indonesia. The upscale neighborhood includes the central business district, middle and upper-class residential areas,  excellent shopping, dining, and bar-hopping options, and an area dubbed ‘Beverly Hills’ of Jakarta.

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018

Within this somewhat glitzy environment, Grain and Green’s clients were looking for a new home that exudes warmth, safety, and tranquility. Coming home from either a busy workday or a night out at the many hip restaurants and bars such as the Dragonfly or Queens Head, the owners seek tranquility in the home space.

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018

The three-story, 1,900 square meter house is U-shaped around an outdoor swimming pool. Grain and Green’s team took charge of organizing the interior space to make it flow and function smoothly and provide the most comfort and possibilities for recharge for the inhabitants.

Staying true to the original concept idea for the interior design and decoration, the team took the client’s interest in travel and art into consideration when choosing the design. The neighborhood is laden with historical references with early 20th century with colonial houses and up and coming art spaces. Bringing this influence into the home added a layer of sophistication and elegance.

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018

The pale marble floors are softened with intricate oriental carpets and accentuated with modern contemporary furniture. The dining room sports a whimsically fascinating chandelier consisting of a myriad of individual pieces that play and float harmoniously together above the large eight-seater dark wood dining table.

Throughout the property the large windows allow natural light to flood the spaces and bring in brightness and clarity. The neutral cream to beige toned pieces of furniture further enhance the feeling of lightness and harmony.

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018

The swimming pool in the center of the house reflects its blueish hue as a calming effect through the main common rooms including the large entertainment space.

For a bit more bonding time for the male members’ of the house and the guests, the game room with dark wooden flooring, wood paneled walls, and abstract art serves as a comfortable man-cave.


The decoration in the common rooms includes patterns and ornamentation that is well-known in the region reminding of Indonesian and Moslem culture with paneled and patterned doors and meshed screens that filter in the outside light.

Grain and Green M House Jakarta 2018

The property obviously caught the attention of the jury at the KOHLER Bold Design Awards and had them single it out for the magnificent craftsmanship and balanced design. The project architect from Grain and Green stressed the importance of teamwork and recommended to future awards participants to closely work together for any project completion.

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