Grands Prix du Design, Montreal 2018 – Quebec’s design standard

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The 11th edition of the Grands Prix du Design competition attracted more than 250 architecture and design firms in 2018 to submit 555 projects. A jury deliberated during four days to select winners for this best new architecture competition across Quebec. Finally, 70 small-scale interiors to large projects in North America received prizes and accolades.Grands Prix du Design casino-de-montreal-casino-de-montrealThe gala night on 13 February 2018 at the Montreal Casino in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, saw 800 architects, designers, and members of the Quebec design industry gather to celebrate the talented creators and their products and projects. Grands Prix du Design IMG_1511As a platinum sponsor for the event, the bar, and the after-party, the Kohler Canada team was in the midst of all of these festivities.Grands Prix du Design IMG_1487There was so much to celebrate that it would be too extensive to list all the great prizes that were handed out and the winners. However, there are a few that really stood out.Grands Prix du Design Screen-Shot-2018-02-16-at-3.41.42-PMThe Project of the Year Award went to CannonDesign and NEUF architect(e)s for the University of Montreal Hospital Centre.Screen-Shot-2018-02-16-at-3.44.24-PMThe Emerging Achievement Awards was given to ADHOC for their projects Place Wellington and Sylvestre.Grands Prix du Design Screen-Shot-2018-02-16-at-3.33.47-PMJacques Guillon, a Quebec designer who was born in 1922, was honored for his life’s work. He is best known for the symbol and signage system of the Montreal Metro, but also for his interior and furniture designs and for being an initiator of exhibitions of renown.Grands Prix du Design 51-katt3_15-6_beonebreed_marilene-lucas_03-72dpiThe Prix Objet et Accessoire en design industriel (Award for industrial design of object and accessory) went to Be One Breed for their KATT3 design. It is a complete home for cats comprising a plastic cube and memory foam bed. If there are more cats in the household, the KATT3 offers a stackable option to add more cat homes on top.Grands Prix du Design 44-couteau_15-6_maisonmilan_j-f-mailhot_04The Prix Objet et Accessoire (Award for Object and Accessory) – Kitchen and bathroom products – turned out to be a knife. The re-invented walnut blade designed by Maison Milan is ideal for cutting vegetables and its aerodynamic profile doubles as a beautiful design object in the modern kitchen.Grands Prix du Design 35-berczy-park_11-4_claude-cormier-et-associes_industryous-photography_03-1From the midst of the kitchen to the public space: the Prix Architecture du Paysage et Aménagement Public (Award for landscape and public spaces) highlights Berczy Park in Toronto’s historic district. Claude Cormier and his team created an architectural provocation that was inspired by a Victorian-era fountain and modern-day sculptures of dogs. The dialogue between the past and present is arresting.Grands Prix du Design 17-chagall_5-3_msdl-arch_mbam-dfarley_01Turning the space of art into art was the winning argument for Menkes Shooner Dagenais Letourneux to win the Prix Exposition (Award for Exhibition space) for their scenography of the Chagall exhibition ‘Couleur et Musique’ at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The special lighting and intense monochrome red background reflected Chagall’s mystery and complexity. The dream-like space transports visitors into another time and zone.Grands Prix du Design 13-hotel-fairmont-le-reine-elizabeth_5-1_sid-lee-architecture-architecture49_stephan-brugger_03Hotel Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth was a triple winner. The Prix Établissement d’hébergement (Award for hospitality space), Prix Appareil d’éclairage en design de produits en petite série (Award for lighting design product – limited production), and Prix Restaurant de plus de 2,000 sq ft (Award for Restaurants for more than 2,000 sq ft) went to this newly renovated property and the architects Sid Lee Architecture and Architecture49. The renovation of the 21-floor contemporary international hotel showcases the classicism and authenticity of Quebec of the 1970s and creates an attractive, interesting space.Grands Prix du Design 12-tavernelouise_4-1_lemaymichaud_lemaymichaud_01Finally, the Prix Restaurant de 2,000 sq ft ou moins (Award for Restaurants for 2,000 sq ft or less) went to LeMayMichaud Architecture Design for their project ‘Taverne Louise’. The big bar space is inspired by history mixed with stones and other modern materials that give it charm and elegance in the center of Quebec City.

More iconic design inspirations from Quebec, see Aquablu, Montreal.

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