Greenbuild Conference and Expo, Boston 2017

Greenbuild Conference and Expo 2017


Greenbuild 2017 in BostonWe had a very busy week at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston, USA, during 8 and 10 November 2017.Greenbuild banner 2017 Boston
The largest international and global event for sustainability in building and design attracted large crowds of industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals. They visited the expo and learned about the latest developments and innovations in the field of green building. A large part of the conference was dedicated to education.Greenbuild panel discussion with Kohler
We took the opportunity to showcase some of our work through education kiosks and panel discussions. Our experts and counterparts from UL, Sustainable Solutions, Aspire Sustainability and others discussed water efficiency, infrastructure, waste materials, and product transparency.Greenbuild educational session with Kohler
During the talk about The Future of Water Infrastructure, we highlighted our products Clarity Water Filters and Aquifer. The audience also had the chance to learn more about our projects in self-contained toileting and water treatment systems. Greenbuild in Boston 2017The moderators Jeff Zeman, Principal Engineer – Sustainability Engineering, Ratish Namboothiry, Program Manager for WaSH Sanitation and Olivia Fritz, Environmental Product Engineering – Transparency, shared their field experience with the interested listeners.Greenbuild 2017
Another session focused on making the most of waste materials and optimizing industrial solid waste streams. The moderators parted with lots of practical ideas and tools to help reimagine the manufacturing world of the future.Greenbuild logo 2017
And it was not all hard work, but also a bit of play. Greenbuild had an amazing speaker line up with President Bill Clinton as the plenary speaker on Thursday 9 November and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and best-selling author, on Friday 10 November.Greenbuild 2017 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award for Kohler
David Kohler who was also in Boston during the conference had the great honor to accept the 2017 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award for our work in sustainability and our NetZero2035 goal, vision, leadership, and commitment to the evolution of green buildings and communities as vehicles to enhance the quality of life.

We had four kiosks near the education session floors where we showcased ways in water efficiency, the future of water infrastructure, making the most of waste materials, and working towards greater transparency. In addition, we also had our Bold Experience Tour trailer ready with innovative and thoughtful showering and toilet products and technologies.

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