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Greenbuild Bold Experience tour trailer at the fair


The Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Boston, USA, was the ideal place to showcase our commitment and projects in the field of sustainability. This was, however, just a snapshot of what we are doing all year long and have been doing for many years.Greenbuild - Kohler Clarity Water filter booth at the fair
The 2017 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award that was given to David Kohler for our relentless work in sustainability, the NetZero2035 challenge and the commitment to enhance the quality of life, is a mere token of the hard work of all the associates.Greenbuild - Kohler future of water infrastructure kiosk at fair
In 2008, we announced our commitment to NetZero2035 to reduce waste to landfill and carbon emissions. We have already reduced the environmental footprint per unit of revenue by more than 30 percent.Greenbuild - Kohler water saving initiatives at fair
We partner with nonprofit organizations addressing water sustainability issues, including the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the “Change the Course” Colorado River restoration campaign, Ceres Connect the Drops, and Lava Mae.
Greenbuild - Kohler water saving products at fairA collaboration with EPA’s WaterSense program has earned us ten consecutive awards for our leadership in producing and promoting water-efficient plumbing fixtures, faucets and showerheads. The products have helped Americans save nearly 140 billion gallons of water, avoid 3.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions associated with pumping, treating, and heating that water and save more than 2.3 billion USD on water, sewer, and energy bills.*Greenbuild - Kohler bold experience tour trailer at fair
David Kohler reaffirmed: “Kohler is committed to innovating and manufacturing products that are more environmentally sustainable, from material selection to their end use. In addition, we continue to advocate for regulations that protect our nation’s water supply and to encourage consumers to reduce their water consumption.”
Kohler Clarity Water filter display at GreenbuildOur educational kiosks generated a lot of interest during the fair.
*Per EPA calculations.

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