Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Metropolitan

Grey zab37447_cmyk-S

Has the ugly duckling risen from the crowd? Metropolitan is a light grey with a hint of blue that makes the color a tad cooler. Benjamin Moore’s creative team have selected Metropolitan, the sophisticated and composed light grey as the color of the year 2019.  Grey ccc16298_SThe complete departure from last year’s strong Caliente red color to this year’s subdued, tranquil, neutral, pale grey is a sign of the time. The constant distraction, noise, chaos, and mayhem outside the home make people yearn for calming and serene surroundings once they are done with their day.  Grey rainy-2680173_640The once dominant color in Picasso’s painting of the Spanish Civil War has morphed into a grand dame of wisdom, dignity, and, harmony.  Grey concrete-2420845_640Whether polished concrete flooring, walls or ceilings, or just some grey design elements in a room,  it calms everyone down and provides balance. Although it has been a favorite color for cars but wasn’t so popular as a favorite color anything else until now. However, when everyday life is a rush and an instantaneous frenzy, Metropolitan grey design accents become a thing of beauty and an element of stability.  Grey zab82550_rgb-SThe color lends itself beautifully as the backdrop for other colors and does hardly interfere with the pairing of other shades and tints. If grey is described as weak because it is the in-between of black and white, or emotionless because it is not screaming like Caliente or ultraviolet, Metropolitan is none of that and a stronghold in the interior space.  Grey zac39846_rgb-SIt stabilizes the room and gives beholders a sense of belonging. It sets the stage for pieces of furniture or design elements to shine. Metropolitan beautifully works with minimalist designs providing a calibrated silence that homeowners crave when returning home.  Grey aab61454_cmyk-SThe achromatic color is modest but timeless. The versatility of the shade is ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, and exterior spaces. The unlimited pairing options open the space for other colors that shout for attention but might not around as long.  Grey zac14996_rgb-S

Metropolitan and any shades of grey are a permanent trend.

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