Haiti – bringing clean water to relieve misery

A tropical wave turned into a Tropical Storm and made landfall in Haiti in October 2016. Its name: Matthew. It was a category 4 hurricane with deadly rains and winds destroying almost 90% of Haiti on Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles. Matthew was the biggest hurricane to hit Haiti in the last 50 years. It destroyed houses, infrastructure and brought incredible misery to the people of Haiti. Many had no access to clean water and water-borne diseases spread very quickly. Especially the lack of drinking water caused cholera that spread very quickly.
In collaboration with Water Mission, we brought generators and Clarity Water filters to Haiti. The generators are used to pump the much needed water from the river to the trucks.

These transport it to the water treatment center to purify the water. The pumps in the facility are also powered by generators. Finally, the trucks bring the 80,000 liters of clean water to the villages every-day. In addition, Water Mission and we went out to the villages and donated Clarity Water filters to the people to install in their homes.

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