Hanoi RITAVO PRO Center showroom opening


Ten years ago, Vietnam changed. The country joined the WTO in 2007 marking the its international economic integration and big bang debut on the world markets. Since then the country has seen a huge change and development. It is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide with global brands present in-country. Its GDP growth averages about 6% per year.Lately, Hanoi and the northern part of Vietnam has seen a push and the emergence of prominent and premium building projects. The increased incomes and the emergence of a middle class spark the interest for more purchases in the luxury segment. Consumers like to show their wealth.Ten years ago, Kohler entered the Vietnamese market offering a variety of product lines to address these trends and to serve the customers in Vietnam.On December 4 we celebrated the showroom opening in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the RITAVO PRO Hoang Quoc Center and our ten-year anniversary in the country.

The RITAVO PRO Center is a 2,500 square meter one-stop shop for building material products. The Kohler display space on the second floor of the three-story center is a 1,000 square meters exhibition of 600 of the latest kitchen, bathroom and kitchen cabinet products. In addition, it sports a private area for in-depth discussions with architects and designers.We are particularly proud that this showroom features the ModernLife series that includes vessels, toilets with new technology e.g. ultra-thin, seat with slim design, touchless flush option, build-in fragrance, large push button design.Rita Vo, the owner of RITAVO PRO, has been the sole distributor of our products for the past ten years. As a partner and company they have expanded nationwide and transformed over the years. We built brand awareness and recognition together through numerous openings of showrooms.


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