Ready for the tourism future? Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel

Harmonic tidal turbine hotel 42862-preview_low_2121-9_42862_sc_v2com


Margot Krasojevic’s design of a renewable resource positive energy hotel on Hainan Island in the South of China is an exciting, futuristic project. The harmonic turbine tidal hotel is an interdisciplinary dialogue between architecture, engineering, renewable energy, and industrial design. The idea is to collect tidal energy to generate electricity, not only to power the hotel but to feed the surplus energy into the grid for the surrounding areas.Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42860-preview_low_2121-9_42860_sc_v2comYalong Bay is especially exposed to wind and high waves during high tide which makes it more difficult to build a structure that is sustainable. The challenge the architects face is to use the natural elements to integrate into the architecture design and use them to the building’s advantage.Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42861-preview_low_2121-9_42861_sc_v2comThe design that is partly anchored in the coastline rock with elements that can move freely with the tide creates a stable environment. The water turbines are half buried in sand and the South China Sea water washes over them to produce energy and store it. The materials used for the construction come from environmentally clean sources. Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42863-preview_low_2121-9_42863_sc_v2comIn terms of the design, the industrial and mechanically engineered turbines spiral in and out of the hotel. It resembles natural tidal sand ripples and creates natural rock pool bays for guests. The main building of the hotel consists of two steel frames that are similar to a boat and help the stability while at the same time are flexible enough to withstand the tide.Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42864-preview_low_2121-9_42864_sc_v2comThe hotel is more than just a consumer and catering industry property but speaks to visitors that are looking for a deeper guest experience. The merging of interior design, lifestyle, and energy-generation give it a special meaning. The hotel will be energy self-sufficient and can be open year-around while producing renewable energy. Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42869-preview_low_2121-9_42869_sc_v2comThe idea of merging nature with humans results in a hotel that is during high tide partially submerged in water conjuring up ideas of surfing, submarines, the power of water, and more. At the same time, guests will be enjoying a spa-like experience in luxury with private rock pools.Harmonic turbine tidal hotel 42851-preview_low_2121-9_42851_sc_v2comChina Film House, the client, and the architects expect the hotel to open by early 2020. Are you ready for the future of hotels? We can’t wait to see this project realized.
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Source: photos for Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel are courtesy of Margot Krasojević and v2com newswire

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