Hong Kong: Bonding on invisible clouds


Mak Yee Man‘s two sculputures address her deep connection with Hong Kong and its people.

makyeeman_hk1Bonding, ceramic and copper

Her art work “Bonding” which is a copper ring surrounded by two separate ceramic pieces. A strong bond holds people together based on their values and philosophy, especially in Chinese culture. However, there is also a physical separation between modern life and the past. The textures and materials of this sculpture that blend well together remind the viewer of the hybrid culture in Hong Kong.

picture5To Dream, copper and ceramic

This delicate, dreamy art piece depicts tiny houses set on almost invisible clouds. In the Chinese culture, the cloud represents the influence, made visible in this art piece by the white background. It stresses the idea that Chinese influence runs deep in Hong Kong’s nature and culture, even if the people of Hong Kong don’t realize it.  However, it is there and influences current dreams and the realization of them.makyeeman_hk2


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