Hong Kong: Straight Hook Straight


A multicultural city like Hong Kong brings together diverse cultures, so does sports. The inspiration for Yiu Chun Wa‘s art piece originated from Muay Thai – traditional Thai boxing. The challenge for the Thai coach in Hong Kong is language.The first move in Muay Thai Yiu Chun Wa learnt was ‘Straight Hook Straight’ from his Thai teacher. While language barriers between people create a distance, they can be broken down by movements of kicking and punching.Bold. Art. Hong Kong Yiu chun WaIn this art piece, Yiu Chun Wa used local earth and discarded clay to create a new form. The interaction of the dirt and soil from the highest mountain in Hong Kong and the discarded clay symbolize the hotpot in Hong Kong. The fissures in the work are formed through the dehydration of the earth. Straight Hook StraightThe cracks give the illusion that the piece will soon fall apart. However, similarly to the multicultural Hong Kong society, the piece is strong and stays connected.

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