Hong Kong: Waking up to co-existence


Raymond Pang presented two art pieces for this exhibition:

Wake up! Elated. – Copper, Paint, Ceramics, Woodwake upAfter the transfer of sovereignty back to China, Hong Kong’s stagnant economy has woken up and grew despite the worldwide recession. The art piece represents the bliss of making dreams come true in a blossoming society.co-existanceHis piece “Coexistence and Co-Prosperity” represent the fusion and blend of Chinese and British culture as seen in contemporary Hong Kong where they co-exist and prosper harmoniously. The copper, paint, ceramics, and stone that he used in the sculptures cohabit similarly as these cultures. In his view, the art work embodies the concept of Tai Chi with copper as the Yang (movement) and stone and ceramics as the Ying (tranquility) respectively opposing forces that come together and bloom.


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