Hotel Trend: Personalization, personalization

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This year everyone in the industry is on one page and agrees: guests seek experiences and these should be as unique as each hotel guest.UniqueTrends show that more and more hotel guests come through personal relationships with previous guests and referrals, so it is doubly important to make the stay at the hotel as special one, if possible even better than staying at home.
Perth Crown TowersThe tendency is that guests arrive with their families, friends and even their pets. They want to stay longer, travel further form their home than previously and prefer city escapes than walking in the woods or gazing at the setting sun on the beach. Additionally package deals where everything is included are favored, so one can splurge. No need to pay extra for breakfast, parking, wi-fi etc.Computer screenWhether the tendencies relate to guest-services or hotel designs all roads should lead to more personalization.
Here are a few hints to adapt and ponder:

  • Well-designed rooms with furniture, materials and colors that speak to the guests,Hotel Indigo Bangkok sitting room
  • Authentic art and unique accessories,Authentic art
  • Lightning – more ambiance in the room, less in the lobby,Indigo Hotel Bangkok bedroom
  • Controls via one’s own smart phone,controls in the room
  • Bigger bathroom towels,bathroom towels
  • Mix and match amenities such as shampoos, hair and skin care products from different brands,Amenities in the bathroom
  • Almost coffee-house quality coffee in the room,Coffee maker in the room
  • Details such as bathrobes, socks, chocolates on your pillow, flowers on your bed spread.Flower on the bed

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