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It was with a lot of anticipation that we waited for the decision of the 67 judges of the iF Awards 2019. The design experts that came from 50 countries secluded themselves in the Schuppen 52 in Hamburg at the beginning of the year to deliberate over the 6,375 entries for the iF Awards 2019.

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It was not an easy task for these design professionals who reviewed all the submitted work to select the best and most innovative entries in the categories: products, communication, packaging design, service design/UX, architecture, interior design, and professional concept.

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Although we have known for a while, it was on March 15, 2019, in the BMW Welt event location that winners were officially announced and recognized. 66 works received an iF Gold Award. We were among the 1,190 to receive the accolade ‘iF Design Award 2019’ for three of our products.


Waterfoil wash basin

The Waterfoil wash basin got everyone excited on and off the internet and now it is confirmed as one of the winners of the iF Awards 2019. It is an innovative solution for handwashing in public restrooms, with faucet, soap dispenser, and dryer completely integrated into one sink. The Waterfoil wash basin mimics the sensation of water flowing in nature.

iF Awards 2019 259893_01_if_2019_waterfoil_1_fin2 wash basin

The sink gives the illusion to be full of water without actually filling, and it feels like dipping your hands into a river. The soap will ride on the water over the hands while dipping into the sink. Finally, the air streaming from the surround-hand dryer envelops the hands with a gentle, warm breeze. The entire handwashing process takes place within the sink and the surrounding area stays clean, dry, and safe. The Waterfoil sink is a revolutionary combination of ultimate functionality and cleanliness in the bathroom area.

iF Awards 2019 259893_02_if_2019_waterfoil_2_fin3

Bathroom Steward II

The hybrid device is a heater and an air purifier in one. Thanks to its newly patented wind tunnel and air-care system, it effectively heats up the bathroom while it also purifies the air. Based on research, the Bathroom Steward II is designed with three remarkable features: the white glass surface is flush to the ceiling and matches the bathroom interior, it purifies the humid bathroom air, and matches to circadian rhythms by providing optimal lighting at different times of the day. The incorporated intelligent technology provides bathroom users with a new and pleasant experience.

259578_02_bh_white_logo_lightup_open_if Bathroom steward

Stages bathroom accessories

Bathroom designs are great with faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and more. But they are never fully complete without the accessories. The versatility is the centerpiece of Kohler‘s Stages Accessories, an organization system that enables customization and empowers contemporary living. Over a dozen modules – ranging from shelving frames to boxes to trays – and a diverse array of finishes create myriad combinations to suit distinct lifestyles and habits.

iF Awards 2019 254014_01_stage_accessory_overall stages accessories

It provides a freedom to shape the modular system, in both form and function. The modules are not limited to bathrooms and kitchens but could also be installed for use in bedrooms or living rooms where they provide a great design element, super functionality, and a pointed addition to space.

2019 Kohler Accessories 254014_02_stage_accessory_small

It was great to see these products being chosen for the iF Awards 2019 and also featured in the iF World Design Guide and iF Design Exhibition.

iF Awards if_designaward2019red_l_cmyk

Last year’s iF Award Kohler winners.

Source: some photos are courtesy of iF Awards 2019 / photo credits Roman Thomas, Anna Seibel, Verena Voetter and BMW Welt.

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