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The IF Design Award 2018 jury has been good to us. We have been big winners in this year’s competition. 1,218 have received recognition and we are pretty stoked that the product designs that we have sent in from the United Kingdom and from China have received the international stamp of design excellence: Gold Award.iF Design Awards logo 1

In addition to the KALLISTA Taper faucet, the following products also received this accolade:

ModernLife Wall-hung toilet, Evoke Water Purifier, Kumin Water Dispenser, Family Care Bidet, Mira Mode Digital Shower, Luxe Hygiene spray, and Real Rain shower panel.

ModernLife Wall-hung toilet

if Design Award Gold Award Winner modern life1The warm elegance of the ModernLife wall-hung toilet complements a range of contemporary interior design styles. It is easy to clean and hygienic. The rimless bowl design and angled top surface drain any liquids into the bowl. The toilet seat has minimal dirt traps to ensure a more effective and easier cleaning process. IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 229102_01_Modern_Life_PerspModernLife is elegant, uses the rimless 360-degree flushing technology for optimum hygiene and meets the water saving needs with a dual 3 / 4.5 liters flush. It is an ideal product for the hospitality industry.

EVOKE Water Purifier

IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232531_02_evoke_hero_1Evoke is a drinking water filtration system that works fast. The purification device with the 0. 0001μm-aperture filter blocks 99.9% of contaminants. It dispenses purified water at 3L per minute which is almost three times faster than the water flow of other devices. The level of cleanliness of the water is such that it is safe for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, and cooking. The compact and minimalist design assures that it won’t take up too much space in your kitchen. IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232531_01_evoke_heroIn addition, it accommodates long-term filters that reduce waste by 47%. The device can be connected to KOHLER Konnect to check water quality, consumption, leakage, and filter life.

Kumin Water Heating system

IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232547_01_kumin_double_quarter1 (1)Kumin is boil-on-demand water dispenser that doesn’t splash or stain. The instant heating technology allows users to drink boiled water on demand without reheating. The preset temperature and volume make sure one gets the best taste for every beverage: 40C for milk, 85C for green tea, and 95C for coffee.IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232547_02_kumin_nozzle_compare The steady, converging stream through an extendable, adjustable water nozzle adapts to different cup shapes. The design was inspired by the intuitive faucet language. With the joystick users, especially children and seniors, have an easy reach. The interaction gives an improved feeling of usability.If Design Award Gold Award Winner kumin water

Family Care Smart Seat

IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232192_02_all_01The Family Care bidet is an ergonomic toilet seat that is adaptable for all family members. The bigger and better-angled inclined side panel offers better controls with bigger keys for easy operation, especially for older people. The comfortable seat alleviates pressure points and supports proper posture.IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 232192_01_if The water filtration system optimizes washing hygiene through pure water. The bowl and wand are regularly sanitized with electrolyzed water and UV. The 3-mode nozzle has a variety of washing experiences and sprays patterns including a soft cotton mode for the elderly and children, a wide flat mode for women, and a massage mode for people with constipation.  The infrared dryer provides a healing experience.

Mira Mode Digital Shower

IF Design Award Gold Award Winner Mira Mode 2017The Mira Mode digital shower delivers an easy-to-use experience with good quality materials, smooth finishes, and a feeling. Through an app, lights, water temperature, steam and much more can be set up quickly and comfortably. IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 229354_02_Mira_MODE_close_upEven a preset remote start is possible and provides the personalization the user is yearning for.

Luxe Hygiene Spray

If Design Award Gold Award Winner 237440_01_hygiene_spray1The Luxe hygiene spray is ergonomically designed with more reach into the toilet to help keep your hands clean and improve the cleaning capabilities. The design encompasses well-being, style, and freshness. The full, comfortable coverage is ensured by the patented air-induction technology with optimized nozzles and the controlled spray pressure for sensitive areas.IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 237440_02_spray2 The Luxe hygiene spray’s design goes with any decoration style. The silicone finish is anti-bacterial and seamless to avoid dirt traps and easy to clean. The robust brass body resists damage and leaks.

Real Rain shower panel

IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 220751_02_realrain_dropsThe Real Rain shower panel provides an exceptional showering experience – every time one steps into the shower. If a gentle summer rain or a deluge, the Real Rain shower panels have the perfect setting for the mood without forgetting the environment and water-saving features.IF Design Award Gold Award Winner 220751_01_rr_white_back

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