IFI World Interiors Day 2018

World interiors day feature

[fb_button] Design communities around the world celebrate Saturday 26 May 2018 as World Interiors Day. The International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers (IFI) is a professional organization to bring designers and architects from all walks of life together.  World interiors day themeIt provides a platform for networking, collaboration, learning, and advancement of the profession. For this year’s IFI World Interiors Day a committee of interior architects and designers chose a theme, as they do every year, to help the communities engage in the celebration of design. This year’s theme is ‘Design without borders’.  IFI World Interiors day AW - interrior 4 theme square-27Design communities and its members from all ages and levels of professionalism ranging from children, students to seasoned designers chip in to organize activities around the global theme at a local level. Borders, boundaries, and limits are defined in different ways and may restrict the design choices of the creators. Guidelines and regulations as well as borders – geographically and otherwise – may influence how designers approach a project or an assignment.  IFI World Interiors day AW - interrior 4 theme square-25Imagine just for a moment that such borders don’t exist. To design without borders will give the individual, the teams and groups a level of freedom that they probably had not often the opportunity to experience yet. The exploration of such a freedom through activities and event organized by the communities will allow a new dimension. Creators learn about how to overcome these restrictions whether physical or psychological and discover their craft in a new, human, and global light.  IFI World Interiors day AW - interrior 4 theme square-13Kohler Company shows the support of IFI and the World Interiors Day through their sponsorship of the celebration. We are very engaged and committed to the design community that is the foundation and a strong pillar of our business. With design centers around the world – London, Paris, Delhi, Shanghai, and Kohler, Wisconsin, USA – the company picks up on global and local trends in these markets. These are then beautifully incorporated in new product developments of the interior designers who are the heart and soul of these centers and ultimately the products that bring joy to the customers. IFI World Interiors day AW - interrior 4 theme square-14

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