Imagine a mirror that reveals your personality…


Internet research shows that many people have dabbled into the world of smart and intelligent mirrors and documented their do-it-yourself projects minutely. There is an easier way!
The new TouchMe mirrored cabinet is a magical device that catapults you from brushing your teeth or hair in front of it to a complete transformation of yourself. While you look at your reflection, you navigate the touch screen function through weather reports, calendar entries, news reports, and more.
You clean up and you can also catch up. The customized user management allows you to connect with your friends through easy-dialing or texting directly on the surface while washing your face or applying lotion. Or if you need some just me-time: with an easy click put on some of your favorite music and dance a little with yourself reflected in the intelligent mirror.
Walking out of your bathroom you feel truly touched by intelligent life.

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