IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_022_002

The large furniture and interior design trade show in Germany ended recently and left the 150,000 visitors with many IMM Cologne 2019 impressions to take home.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_029_043

The organizers were very happy about the attendance this year and reported that more than fifty percent of the visitors came from outside of Germany and from over 145 countries. The IMM Cologne is the place to get the latest information and trends in interior design and furniture innovation.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_014_032

The IMM Cologne 2019 impressions are manifold. From the excellent networking, connection building within the industry to picking up trends and tendencies in form, colors, and materials.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_029_006

A recurring impression throughout the halls in Koeln was and is the Retro trend. The forms of many of the pieces of furniture seem familiar and not that avant-garde as they have been seen before elsewhere. However, the modern, classic, mid-Century, or even pop-culture pieces are interpreted in a new fashion with varied colors and new surprising finishes.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_015_075

The red thread through the trade show was the flexibilization in lifestyles. This translates directly into the interior design with pieces addressing the different room sizes and users’ needs. Overall, the pieces have become smaller, more modular, and definitely multifunctional. Consumers are looking for interior design elements that are flexible in their use and adaptable to the space.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_014_036

To maximize the multi-functionality of furniture, many chairs, sofas, couches and more are mono-colored, and color combinations and patterns are spilling over to the walls. Wall coverings and wall hangings pop with color, patterns, schemas etc.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_015_014

At the same time, the new productions methods such as 3D printing, allow for more complex application of color and decorations of uneven or difficult surfaces. Some of the furniture are being used as the new canvases to apply color accents in the home.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_032_020

The nature trend in colors persists. Pastel tones, light hues, and grey palettes are seen everywhere. In line with the colors of the year Benjamin Moore Metropolitan and Akzo Nobel Spiced Honey, the interior design color trends create a soothing, calm environment. To offset it slightly, warm, rich, dark elegant colors such as saturated greens and blues are used to create a bit of tension.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_029_010

In terms of materials wood is omnipresent. Not only is the material livable and healthy, but it is warm and variable. Adaptable in its form and function, wood with polished or unpolished surfaces is a winner. Enhanced with metals for chair feet or book shelves as well as for pure decorative elements, the wood basis embraces gold and brass.

IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions imm_19_015_044

The other dominant material in the interiors is glass. Again, the adaptable material is the perfect element to work with different eras and styles. Other materials seen at the fair that informed the IMM Cologne 2019 impressions were natural stone, leather, and velvet. All of them eluding an air of luxury and elegance.

Have you attended IMM Cologne? If so, what did you like the best?

Source: photos for IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions are courtesy of IMM Cologne.

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