India Design 2019: luxury design en masse

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From the most vibrant colors to intricate designs and artful crafts, India has it all and fascinates the world over with its culture and talents. India Design 2019 is the interior design week of the subcontinent bringing together the very best in design, architecture, and interiors.

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The New Delhi NSIC Grounds in Okhla transforms into a design heaven from February 12 to 15, 2019, with the luxury designs, installations, exhibits, talks, debates, and competitions around furniture, lighting, interiors, kitchens, flooring, accessories, and even home technology.

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India Design 2019 is a great place for architects and designers to convene, network, and interact over thought-provoking presentations at the ID Symposium and arresting artworks and public installations.

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The world has cast an eye on India and its design scene. World-leading trade shows such as Ambiente 2019 partnered with India as a country displaying arts and crafts from the subcontinent at the recent exhibition in Germany.

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Many renown architects and designers travel to India for inspiration and new ideas. Recently Andre Kikoski and Paola Navone participated in the KOHLER Pecha Kucha event for fast-talking design ideas and interacting with local peers.

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At the ID Symposium between February 12 and 14, well-known players in the industry will share their insights and thoughts with the audience. Chris Precht, an Austrian architect who recently relocated to the Austrian Alps to focus more on nature, greener, more diverse, and younger architecture, will be speaking on the same stage as Bikram Mitra, our Head of Industrial Design of Kohler India.

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Supporting Chris’ plea for a holistically-sustainable approach is further supported by Theresa Millard’s workshop on tile making. She brings the knowledge and technologies developed in the KOHLER WasteLAB to the 25 attendees. Her workshop follows the workshops from London and Dubai in 2018 impacting the design-thinking of the architecture community in India.

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The creative minds are joined by many, many more and are in slight competition with the exciting exhibition of new products, trends, and tendencies. At our 100 square-meter booth, product launches are captivating the audience and the clever display of Artist Editions mesmerizes visitors.

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Swarovski is showing light fixtures that tell a story of not only illuminating a space but showing the use of crystals as ornaments and attention-grabbing design elements. The Carpet Cellar with its woven and knotted products tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship without presenting the latest innovations in the trade. The results are weaves in a contemporary, modern look.

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During the week of India Design 2019, lots of novelties are waiting to be discovered by visitors with curious inquisitive minds. We will certainly be there to seek out the latest trends, so stay tuned for more.

Read all about the design buzz at India Design 2019.

Source: some photos are courtesy of India Design 2019 website.

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