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The India Design buzz 2019 is in full force until February 15, 2019. The seventh edition of the luxury design trade show sees more than 130 Indian and international exhibitors showcasing the best in contemporary and modern interior design.

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Not surprisingly the India Design buzz follows the hypes of Heimtextil, Domotex, Maison & Objet, and Ambiente from Europe in that the sustainable trends are visible everywhere. The focus is on natural materials such as wood, metals, and even plants. Exhibitors present products that speak to India as the country of emotion and creativity.

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The trade show is supported by the India Design Symposium. More than 20 speakers among them conservationist Brinda Somaya, and London-based lighting artist and designer Flynn Talbot, talk about innovations, sustainable and eco-friendly designs, forward-thinking, the future, recycling and reusing. In the panel discussions that follow their presentations, they ponder questions of alternative materials, products, and designs for a healthier environment.

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The Symposium where Kohler India is a partner also sees experts such as Theresa Millard, head of the KOHLER Waste Lab, talking about turning waste into beautiful materials. The India Design buzz introduces participants to products made from scrap newspaper pulp and presents suggestions to use plants as natural indoor air purifiers instead of machines.

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The Kohler booth designed by Visarg studio is a display of the spectrum of modernism showing both ends with maximalism to minimalism and in between. A wide range of products from Artifacts to Numi, the intelligent toilet, illustrate the movement. Outside the Kohler booth, the same tendency can be seen with ancient handicraft techniques artfully paired with contemporary minimal design and traditional designs cleverly integrated in products that address modern needs.

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The booths architectures add to the India Design buzz with creative stand designs of vaulted ceilings, multi-level booths, greeneries, and integrating new or used materials for a more sustainable approach.

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Source: some India Design buzz photos are courtesy of India Design facebook.

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