Interior design tip: drawing the outside in

Mark Bickerstaffe

Tori Tori restaurantMark Bickerstaffe presented the weekly interior design tips on the TV show The Apartment, season 5 that we sponsor. In this segment he focused on transitional natural design.
outside in kitchenEssentially this means bringing the exterior into the rooms and blending nature and man-made construction. To create an equilibrium the combination of natural illumination with lush flora incorporating green, lights and woods works well. This opens up vast options for the outdoor room. Using natural materials such as woods, fabrics, stones, and metals and playing with light intensifies the natural beauty of the interior space. This can even be more enhances by using oversized windows and sliding doors, wooden furniture or floors. outside in plantsIt blurs or almost erases the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.
The atmosphere that emerges is a calming reconnecting feeling with nature that grounds the inhabitants after returning from the modern world jungle of busy cities and constant technology buzzes.Tori Tori restaurant mexicoAn excellent example of integrating plants into the interior is the Tori Tori Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City that was designed by Roikind Architectos + ESRAWE Studio.


Source: some photos are courtesy of Interior Design Magazine, Architizer and Paul Rivera


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