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The 45th International Exhibition of Inventions opens its doors on March 29 in Geneva, Switzerland. This biggest invention event in the world is recognized as the platform for top technological discoveries and astounding inventions. Products have only been patented in the last 12 months and have never been shown before in Geneva. The 725 exhibitors from 40 countries will demonstrate and present almost a thousand products. Most of the inventors come from Asian countries (52%), Europeans are 32% and 12% of the exhibitors are from the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

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The global inventions are applicable in the fields of medicine and health, environmental protection, energy and mechanics, IT, transport, and security.
For example Twiice, an exoskeleton, will open up new possibilities for people confined to wheelchairs as it will be demonstrated by the paraplegic athlete Silke Pan.Or Venera Maglia’s sunshade (feature image), a device conceptionalized with chromo-therapy, an alternative medicine treatment, in mind. The sun shade can be used to filter sunlight and take color baths concentrating on one or more colors and influencing the user’s mind and physical wellbeing.

Or Igor Ustinov’s new construction system made from used PET to create eco-friendly building materials to build homes.

Or Lumiartecnia’s Digital Water Mural, an interactive water wall, to show water graphics, patterns and even text that slowly move downwards.

Among other attractions will be robots at the airport, drones and 3D printing workshops.

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