International Festival of Creativity, Cannes – attention span and authenticity

Flags at Festival of Creativity, Cannes

Festival of Creativity Cannes 2017The 64th International Festival of Creativity formerly known as International Advertising Festival in Cannes, Southern France, came to an end on Sunday 25 June 2017. The 8-day global event draws delegates from the communications industry from more than 90 countries.Cannes seaside The more than 11,000 visitors from all walks of life including movie stars as well as Silicon Valley titans enjoyed many presentations and talks about the future, innovation and the life and death of media and entertainment.Festival of Creativity Cannes stairsThe delegates from the fields of communications, marketing, entertainment, design and technology had a chance to learn, network and celebrate the creative communications industry.Instagram stairs at Festival of Creativity Cannes In earlier times, the focus was mostly on the advertising industry and the awards.Cannes Lion Grand PrixThis year’s event, however, embraced design, digital innovations and the collaboration with brands. The announcement from Publicis Groupe, one of the advertising agency giants, to pull out of the awards circus stirred up a small storm.  However, it reflects the climate.Festival of Creativity CannesCreativity is seen through a variety of lenses, not just advertising and film. To adapt to an audience who doesn’t only recognize good work monetarily, but through their attention (primarily on social media), is the future of entertainment. Alexa Meade HatFor example Alexa Meade, a painter who transforms 3D reality into 2D abstraction. For her and many other young creatives, Cannes is and will be a great platform for the future.

Photos: courtesy of Cannes International Festival of Creativity and Alexa Meade Instagram.

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