Introducing Beitou Faucet Collection


Experience of water is deeply resonant, none more so than its natural environment. If we could create a product that captured the essence of this, we knew that this could embody luxury.

The Beitou faucet collection from Kohler strikes a balance between architectural forms and the stunning displays of nature. The result is a peaceful interplay of invention and appeal that speaks to quiet moments of sanctuary.


Asia is rich in cultural heritage with pursuit of peace, tranquility and wisdom through ritual and natural reflection at its center. Our Shanghai design team thus led our exploration, seeking to place natural experience first. Concepts which allowed the simple beauty of water to dominate created the strongest emotional connection – its movement, reflections, the feel upon fingers suspended in its flow, its gentle sound when allowed to run free. We looked back at rivers, their meanders and passage around and over the stone. To capture this within the confines of a bathroom environment presents numerous challenges. Not forgetting that the experience must also deliver excellent bathing functionality, in Beitou we created a form to celebrate water, placing water first, presented up on a stage of our indulgence and experience. Water rises spring-like and flows smooth and through and true in a channel seemimgly worn by water, cascading gently into outstretched hands.

Beitou Bathroom Faucet Collection

There is intentionally nothing more. It is bound by the most basic geometry. A cantilevered spout supported on a honed cubic pillar that is designed to recede, creates a simple contemporary form that readily complements many settings.

Though it seems simple, the spout’s surface required extensive development to deliver uniform sight, sound and feel at all flow levels.The body details are engineered to diminish, to disappear to allow water to stand alone.

Well-being though water. Celebrated. Presented. By Beitou.

Click here to view the full range of Beitou bathroom faucet collection.

To learn more about the design concept of Beitou, check out the video of Mark Bickerstaffe, Director of New Product Development, Kohler Kitchen & Bath EMEA & APAC, sharing the story behind this bathroom faucet collection.


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