As the leader in luxury kitchen and bath solutions, Kohler Co. continues to redefine innovation for the bathroom with its latest toilet introduction. The Veil toilet combines state of the art features and sleek curves to provide ultimate comfort and unparalleled hygiene. Its unique design garnered finalist status for this year’s International Design Excellence Awards, overseen by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Pairing technological breakthroughs with stunning contours in Veil, Kohler once again achieves a new height of luxury for the modern bathroom.



Blending the best of form and function, Veil introduces smart options for a truly unique experience. Inspired by minimalist architecture, its sophisticated design offers ergonomic features and technological improvements that enhance cleanliness and provide seamless convenience.

Key Features

+ Laboratory-tested ergonomic French Curve seat

+ Easy-to-use one-touch remote control with full menu

+ Rimless bowl with all-round flushing

+ Hydrodynamic double jet siphoning

+ Powerful water flow cleans completely

+ Air-infused gentle front wash with 78 fine nozzles

+ Pulsating wash cleanses and massages

+ Spiral spray effectively cleanses a broad area

+ Sterilized water cleans nozzle after use

+ UV light sanitizing cycles every 24 hours

+ Adjustable distance sensor automatically opens/closes the seat cover

+ Warm-air drying and automatic deodorizer maintain hygiene

+ Heated toilet seat stays warm for added comfort

The Veil toilet’s understated silhouette fittingly complements the toilet’s full range of innovations, which achieve a new and exceptional level of comfort and bathroom hygiene. It elevates the ambience of any space and inspires a new vision of functional form. For more information, visit


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