Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille Collection launch Shanghai gala dinner

Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5826_204018_small


Alexis Mabille and Jacob Delafon have been collaborating for a year. In September Alexis presented his dream bathroom ‘Carte Blanche’ during the Maison & Objet trade show in Paris. Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5160_160800_smallThe collaboration turned into a celebration as Jacob Delafon is exhibiting at the Design Shanghai show in March 2018 for the first time. The booth display includes the ‘dream bathroom’ as well.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2371_174457_small_v3On 13 March 2018, the debut at the Design Shanghai and the continued collaboration needed to be celebrated in style. And how and where to do it better than at the Bellagio Shanghai Hotel? Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5144_142321_smallAbout 140 guests gathered in the ballroom that was turned into a shiny-white runway for the Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille Collection launch gala dinner. With beautiful flower and table decorations, the room had a distinctive festive and classy look. Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2645_202843_small_v1Guests comprising developers, top designers, media, and distributors, and our own associates mingled and happily networked before the main event.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2734_203309_smallThe official part of the event started with a gorgeous fashion show where Alexis Mabille presented his ‘day-job’ work to the invited guests. This latest fashion show and his creations stunned the audience into silence and occasional spontaneous bursts of clapping and laughing.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2861_203911_small The fascinating haute couture designs that are Alexis’ trademark are also easily recognized in his bathroom suite design.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2652_202900_small_v1Combining the fashion show with the background of the bathroom suite was a further attest of the fruitful collaboration with the famous Parisian designer.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5362_192544_smallAfter the fashion show, Larry Yuen, President K&B Group, Olivier Lefebre, President Jacob Delafon, who just opened the latest JD showroom in Russia, and Alexis Mabille could not resist taking the stage – or shall we say the runway – themselves. Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5427_193335_smallThey addressed the audience and shared their thoughts about their respective work. Larry focused on Kohler Company and its 145th anniversary that is coming up this year. Olivier explained to the guests how Jacob Delafon became the famed brand it is today. Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7094_9S3A2588_193223_smallAlexis Mabille shared a few thoughts about the collaboration and his runway haute couture collection presented by the stunning ladies.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5778_203739_smallThe evening concluded with lots of networking and photo opportunities with famous and not so famous celebrities in situ, lots of smiles, and happy faces.Jacob Delafon x Alexis Mabille vbox7152_BN0I5872_211332_small

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