Jean Verville and France Goneau push the limits of art and architecture

Jean Verville and France Goneau 44482-preview_low_1010-9_44482_sc_v2com

Jean Verville, architect and installation scenographer, and France Goneau, ceramic artist, push the limits of art and architecture in their latest scenography and installation at the Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Quebec in Canada.   Jean Verville and France Goneau 44472-preview_low_1010-9_44472_sc_v2comThe exhibition ‘Queens’ is a marriage of ceramic sculptures and a unique scenography in the Musée that is housed in a neo-Gothic church with stain-glass windows. Jean Verville who is interested in the intersection of art and architecture in all of his projects and the impact one has on the other. He created a one of a kind space for France Goneau’s art pieces.   Jean Verville and France Goneau 44485-preview_low_1010-9_44485_sc_v2comThe interplay of light, shadow, and reflection transform each piece into something new and amazing. It holds the visitors’ attention beyond the norm and transcends reality and imagination. The display is set up in a circle to give a vantage point over all of the showcased artworks at any time and from every angle. It gives the art lover the feeling of being in the middle of the installation and being part of it.  Jean Verville and France Goneau 44491-preview_low_1010-9_44491_sc_v2comFrance Goneau’s work is the result of her recent residency at Quebec’s Studio in New York where she stayed from January until June 2018. Based on her research and experiences, a body of work emerged that deals with the transformation of the body, the positive and negative, and the feminine mystic.  Jean Verville and France Goneau 44499-preview_low_1010-9_44499_sc_v2comShe created body ornaments that at the same time can be protheses, postiches, or accessories. The entire body of work and each detail of the porcelain, nichrome wire, platinum, or 24-carat gold luster used are a coquetry of elegance and refinement. The applied language of femininity is a window to the artist’s world and leaves room for speculation about the environment and self.  Jean Verville and France Goneau 44495-preview_low_1010-9_44495_sc_v2comThe scenography using dark purple spaces – chiaroscuro – sets a comfortable atmosphere. Each ornament is lit meticulously bringing out the minute artistry and talent of the artist.  Jean Verville and France Goneau 44477-preview_low_1010-9_44477_sc_v2com

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Source: photos of Jean Verville and France Goneau are courtesy of v2com and all photos are by Maxime Brouillet.

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