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Jinan _86A5220 拷贝

The latest leg of the Bold. Art. travelling exhibition in China took the 13 unique art pieces from young, fledging, and emerging artists under the age of 30 to Jinan, China.  Jinan _86A5220 拷贝At the opening of the exhibition on 25 July James Wu, a designer from Taiwan, gave a passionate presentation about design, art and its convergence. The more than 100 architects and designers and other art and culture interested guests in the audience listened attentively and joint into a fascinating discussion about blurring the lines of the two disciplines.  Jinan _86A5220 拷贝The Wanda Plaza shopping complex designed by AUD Architects opened in 2010 was a fitting place for the contemporary art exhibition with lots of foot traffic and an excellent mix of commercialism, modern architecture, and design. The shopping complex attracts locals and travellers for shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Jinan _86A6190 拷贝Jinan, also called the Spring City due to its 72 artesian wells and springs within the city limits, is a city four hundreds kilometers south of Beijing within aquifers formations of Karst Mountains.  Jinan _86A6190 拷贝The theme of multiculturalism of the art exhibition lent itself to the beauty and the modernism of this megacity where cultures within China and from abroad meet and interact. Interpreting multiculturalism in an artistic context gives rise to contemplation and thinking. Jinan is a great base to explore the surrounding areas, visit Confucius’ home Qufu and some of the mountains that have significance in Taoism, and internalize the multicultural ideas and thoughts of the artists.  Jinan _86A6190 拷贝While they addressed the challenges and opportunities of multiple cultures in one locations, seeing the art pieces project the beautiful rendering of their thoughts. The displayed art at Wanda Plaza that were shown until 29 July embraced the artists’s collective creative energy on the subject.  Jinan _86A6190 拷贝

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