Johannesburg’s KOHLER Design Forum was a successful debut

KOHLER Design Forum 2019 ANP9102_223

The Design Joburg trade show with its first KOHLER Theatre and the four-day speaker conference including the KOHLER Design Forum Johannesburg ended on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

KOHLER Design Forum 2019 Johannesburg

Bigger and more exciting than in previous years, the trade show attracted more industry experts, specialists, and design aficionados to the Sandton Convention Centre. It was an excellent platform for conversations between architects, designers, creators, artists, and enthusiasts and a wonderful venue to pick up the latest trends in African interior design.

KOHLER Design Forum 2019 Johannesburg

The first KOHLER Design Forum was very well attended with a large crowd of about 130 guests excitedly waiting for Yinka Ilori, Mardre Meyer, and Suzanne Watts to share their thoughts and ideas about the KOHLER perspective of the year ‘Experiential Luxury’.

Their presentations and the panel discussion that followed took attendees on a journey into the world of luxury that is marked by layers and details. In their respective fields, experiences enhanced through careful product design, thoughtful hospitality services, and unique travel arrangements provide customers with a new understanding of the definition of luxury.

KOHLER Design Forum 2019 Johannesburg

Inherently African, their heritage, expertise, and wonder about the continent swept the audience away into Yinka’s world of powerful colors and patterns, Mardre’s sense of minimalism, and Suzanne’s boundless love for the African nature, flora and fauna and her efforts to protect it.

The speakers at the KOHLER Design Forum in Johannesburg expressed their admiration for the talents, the craftsmanship, and the feelings about things African which was also reflected in the attentive, happy faces of the listeners.

KOHLER Design Forum 2019 Johannesburg

After the panel discussion, speakers and guests mingled, enjoyed finger food expertly prepared and drinks mixed as an art form at Hendrick’s Gin bar.

Delegates took the messages to find their personal, special luxury from the forum to heart once they ventured back out into the trade show to discover new products, designs, materials, and decors.

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