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The international design competition KOHLER Bold Design Awards Asia-Pacific (KBDA AP) is going into the 2018 round with a focus on Indonesia. The competition for designers and architects who want to showcase their boldness, creativity, and originality is looking at hospitality, residential, and commercial properties in Indonesia.   KBDA Indonesia KBDA Logo wo 2018A renowned judging panel of six experts has been secured for the 2018/2019 competition. Three international judges and three well-known architects from Indonesia will take on the challenge to evaluate the submitted projects that were completed between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2018 and select, in a first step, a shortlist.  KBDA Indonesia bali-2387685_640The submission period for the interior design and architectural design competition is from 19 September to 8 January 2019. Participants who meet the criteria should get ready to send in their best work to get an expert opinion and enter the competition that will determine the best in contemporary Indonesia design.  KBDA Indonesia balikpapan-190894_640Alexandra Champalimaud, Tony Chi who was featured in the KOHLER Magazine and was a speaker at our KOHLER Design Forum in Beijing 2016, and Jean-Michel Gathy represent the international jury. Hidajat Endramukti, Andra Matin, and Faried Masdoeki bring in the Indonesian expertise and knowledge of the local market to the table.

KBDA Indonesia Alexandra Champalimaud Alexandra Champalimaud, a New York-based award-winning designer, has an abundance of curiosity and a seasoned understanding of the principles of classic design. In addition to the set criteria for the competition, she will be on the lookout for craftsmanship, careful observation, and the relationship between space and those who use it.
KBDA Indonesia Tony Chi Tony Chi is the founder of the famous tonychi studio based in New York. He has been a visionary and innovator in the industry for more than thirty years. His projects have transformed some of the leading hospitality companies in the world. He’s interested in the convergence of cultures and communities and teases out the contrasts in duality.
KBDA Indonesia Jean-Michel Gathy Jean-Michel Gathy of the multi-disciplinary firm DENNISTON has been in Asia since 1981. The Belgian designer specializes in innovative design for high-end hotels and hospitality projects. He has received numerous awards including an invitation to the ‘Platinum Circle of Hospitality Design’. He will have his eye on projects that are forward-thinking and apply the latest technologies.
KBDA Indonesia IMG_7766 Hidajat Wardhana Endramukti is the founder of Endramukti Design based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since 1991, he and his team have undertaken architectural and interior design projects all over Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, China, and Singapore. An avid collector of traditional Indonesian fabrics, Hidajat will bring in a perspective of mixing colonial, ethnic and modern styles.
KBDA Indonesia Andra Matin Andra Matin of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (Young Architects of Indonesia, AMI) has been quite influential in Indonesia architecture of the past few years. He is a frequent speaker at events and is best known for clean and modern design projects and their sensitivity to the environment. In the competition, he will be paramount in driving the evolution of current and contemporary Indonesia architecture and interior design.
KBDA Indonesia Ir. Faried Masdoeki Faried Masdoeki, originally from Sumatra, is an architecture engineer at Hadiprana. As a design director, he has been involved in more than 120 projects in hospitality, private residential, and villa property developments. He is also a member of the Indonesian Institute of Architects. His job for this competition, based on his vast experience in the field, will be to spot the extraordinary, out-of-the-box designs and creations.

KBDA Indonesia batik-2840332_640As in 2017, the KOHLER Bold Design Awards will award architects and designers for their most outstanding, innovative work in the categories: The Boldest and the Visionaries.   KBDA Indonesia batik-2842433_640These categories comprise subcategories such a Living, Travel, Leisure, and Culture, and Influencers, Prodigies – rising talent, and Icons respectively. Additionally, a lifetime achievement award will be awarded to an extraordinary individual who makes a transforming impact in the architectural landscape in Indonesia.  KBDA Indonesia batik-2849687_640Once the projects have been submitted by 8 January 2019, the jury will establish the shortlist that is going to be published at the beginning of February 2019. The finalists are then invited to the gala dinner and awards ceremony that will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, in March.  KBDA Indonesia bali-287244_640Some of the judges will be at the event to present the trophies to the lucky winners and celebrate the outstanding achievement with them and the other guests.KBDA Indonesia KBDA Logo w2018See more about the KOHLER Bold Design Awards Asia-Pacific: see 2017 impressions.

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