KALLISTA Grid Collection – minimalism perfected!


The new KALLISTA Grid faucet is a designer’s dream. Tasked with just considering the design, not the manufacturing process, Design Studio Manager KALLISTA Bill McKeone set out to create a one-of-a-kind faucet design that pays homage to the visual impact of negative space.Kallista Grid 2018_0112_KallistaBestinShow3The faucet is the outline of a cube that represents the external housing of the product. It is a perfect representation of the minimalist movement. Bill got his inspiration from De Stijl style that emerged in the early 20th century celebrating restricted, spare form.Kallista Grid inspiration from minimalist artThe innovative faucet in matte black employs cutting-edge technology to incorporate the internal components and discreet waterways.Kallista Grid faucet from frontThe matte black finish is sensuous to the touch, durable, and resisting water spots and fingerprints. The powder-coated finish process was previously only used in high-end outdoor furniture. The finish is a design element in itself supporting the larger design statement and adding to the new faucet experience.
Kallista Grid faucet best in show at KBIS2018The KALLISTA Grid faucet received the ‘Best in Show’ award for technology, innovation, and design at KBIS2018. To equal parts, the jury was impressed by the design and the technology. The faucet is manufactured through a 3D printing process that can produce the geometric minimal outline form with precision. 2018_0112_KallistaBestinShow2In collaboration with 3D Systems, a pioneer in additive manufacturing and the inventor of Direct Metal Printing (DPM), the faucets can be produced without additional tools and each product creates less waste than in traditional production. The elegance resulting from layering powdered steel that is then laser-fired and cooled in between each process is astounding and impressed the jury equally as the show visitors.Kallista Grid matte black powdered steelThe faucet comes with Cube handles that look like open squares. Their proportions have been carefully considered that they are comfortable to the hands. The handles are produced through the investment cast process whereby a wax mold is created to receive the liquid metal. With the resulting cast, a prototype is produced that is then multiplied.Kallista Grid Cube handleThe Collection will also include wall-hung consoles, lighting, and accessories: towel bars, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders, and will be available starting mid-year 2018.

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