Last Day to submit to KBDA Indonesia 2018

KBDA Indonesia 2018

This year’s KOHLER Bold Design Awards Asia-Pacific are held in Indonesia. The KBDA Indonesia 2018 is a competition to attract Indonesian and international architects and designers who designed and built buildings and structures in the archipelago in the past two years.

Other professionals such as hotel operators, hospitality managers, residential developers, property owners and more are also invited to submit projects that they consider most outstanding in Indonesia.

The high-caliber KBDA Indonesia 2018 jury consisting of Alexandra Champalimaud, Tony Chi, Jean-Michel Gathy, Hidajat Endramukti, Andra Matin, and Faried Masdoeki are all seasoned experts in their field and await keenly the Indonesian projects. They will vet all of the submissions and establish a shortlist that will soon be published.

The vibrant Indonesia market offers incredible opportunities for new buildings and amazing architecture. From traditional to contemporary, the architecture scene is as manifold as the islands. The KBDA Indonesia 2018 subcategories Living, Travel, Leisure, Culture, Influencers, Prodigies, and Icons are deliberately set to cover as much ground and recognize the variety of creative output.

Indonesia’s architecture landscape is one of the most diverse. With lots of foreign influences coming from India, China, the Arabian world, and Europe, the development of building styles is a fascinating potpourri in the lush, green landscape.

The populous country is in dire need of new constructions that are mostly seen in urban areas shaping the skylines of the cities. And the world needs to see the outstanding development the talented Indonesian and international architects and designers have done in the last few years.  

January 15, 2019 is the last opportunity to submit bold, creative, original projects in the field of hospitality, residential, and commercial. Don’t wait and upload your project that was completed between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2018 immediately.

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